Commemorative Coins

Our Tango Magic Magic Shop offers a wide variety of Tango Magic products. Armen Vartian, an attorney for Collectors Universe, said counterfeit coins and holders from China are becoming more common. Dealers say that markup is about 3%. Then the authorized purchasers – some of whom sell directly to the public and all of whom sell to other dealers – add their own markup, as do the dealers who buy the coins. They deal exclusively in precious metal bars, rounds, and coins.

I bought some really nice coins there, but by the time I came along Corrado had turned over all of the shop duties to his son, Don, who was an excellent numismatist in his own right. White says that American Eagle Bullion coins, one of the most popular coins for investing in gold, first make their way into the market when they are sold to the Mint’s authorized purchasers.” (See the list below of the authorized purchasers and their prices, terms and conditions.

However, some gold dealers use these facts to scare investors into buying overpriced coins. Kenmore Collectibles is Boston’s premier dealer of coins, gold and silver, sports cards and memorabilia located in the heart of Kenmore Square. Work with our staff of friendly, passionate coin collectors who are ready to provide you with honest and reliable service. If you’re new to buying gold, they are a great place to start.) Gold coins are also sold in commemorative editions directly to the public, but these are more expensive.

Webber said the other coins he received – 1851 and 1858 silver dollars – not only were fakes, but also were encased in counterfeit PCGS holders. He showed them to PCGS representatives at a Boston coin show last year, and its parent company, Collectors Universe Inc., buy gold bullion coins filed a lawsuit Dec. Operates out of Springfield, MA. They are alqways looking to add to their collection and deal in rare coins, collectibles, gold and silver bullion, foreign coins, paper currency, fine watches as well as sports cards or other memorabilia.

Choose our coin shop in Boston, MA, when you’re looking to buy, sell, or have your coins assessed by an expert collector. Avoid these rip-offs when buying gold coins or bars. By 1918, at age 15, like Henry Chapman, Jr., before him, he was already buying and selling coins. Colonial Trading Co. is a Boston shop specializing in purchasing, selling, and discovering rare and collectible items.

Let us submit your coins as well as help with consigning a coin or an entire collection. Since 1988, Bunker Hill Rare Coin has offered the Boston area US rare coins, from colonial, early American, and Civil War era coins to paper currency. Browse below to see a list of stores in your area that sell collectible coins and precious metals. Celebrating a remarkable season, The 2018 Boston Red Sox World Series Champions Commemorative Coin Collection forms a collectible of beauty, meaning and importance.

Proof coins are special editions struck for collectors and often mounted in a special case. They also offer US rare coins and currency, world coins and currency, ancient coins, and more. Just last year, companies raised nearly burlington coin shop $3.5 billion from individual investors through November by selling digital currency, according to cryptocurrency site CoinDesk. When the time comes for you to sell your coins, currency or precious metals, give us a call.

Thank you for reading our guide of where to buy gold & silver in Boston, MA. If you know of any other precious metals dealers or coin shops in Boston, please contact us so we can update our directory. New England’s Premier boston coin shops Place to Buy and Sell Coins, Currency, Silver and Gold since 1965. We will continue to represent the high standards of generations of merchants of our trade, and we will remain a major presence in rare coins, online.

From there you can sell your coins (some bartering may happen) or get a certificate saying that they were graded as thus. Drawing from the Museum’s collection of approximately 7,500 ancient coins, the gallery’s buy real silver bullets thematic and chronological displays emphasize ancient coins as highly sophisticated, beautiful works of art on a miniature scale, while also exploring the cultural and political history they embody.

The more popular term for currency collection is coin collecting, a pretty common hobby throughout the world. Is closing its storefront business and moving to the suburbs of Boston. Some gold dealers engage in a classic bait-and-switch: They offer gold coins or bullion, then try to sell customers bullet bullion on coins with historical, or numismatic, value. Founded by expert numismatist Tom Caldwell in 1964, Northeast Numismatics operates on the belief that educated collectors are essential to the rare coin market, and goes to great length to provide information to new and experienced collectors alike.